We effectively pull in and place temporary and permanent skilled, top talent for our clients. From nearby SMEs and national brands to driving worldwide associations globally, we locate the right candidates for you.

We give pro enrollment arrangements in Logistics, Technical (Engineering, Manufacturing), Energy/Oil and Gas, Rail, Professional and Executive, Industrial, Sales and Marketing, IT, Human Resources, Education/Training, Healthcare, Food and Drink and Accounting and Finance sectors

This is where we sample CITIZENS that measure real population of the state at large, converting the resulting samples into digital numeric values that can be manipulated and viewed on any device.

Data acquisition applications are usually controlled by software programs developed by our program experts in Disrupt Recruiting Limited.

In DRL, we leverage eyes in the skies for your use, using them as flying cameras monitor assets, map assets and secure assets.

In addition, we capture those precious moments with eyes in the sky…we are your drone specialists!

With over ten trained drone pilots, we have demonstrated capacity in various events across Nigeria- past and ongoing.

This is an enabler for seamless experience for your media campaigns. In the real sense if an application’s front-end is beautifully crafted with a modern look and feel and it doesn’t work, the application is definitely a failure.

The backend of the campaign will be responsible for things like calculations, business logic, database interactions, performance etc, and most of the code that is required to make this application work will be done on the backend.

This backend code runs on our dedicated server specifically for the campaign purpose.

Our fully designed and multifunctional mobile app will be professionally installed on all android and IOS mobile devices for your customized digital media campaign and deployed to your field teams for collation of data and awareness of your event or product.

This app can be fully customised to fit the purpose of a digital media campaign.

An intelligence management centre in the conference room where all polls statistics of the a media will be live in Big screen monitors. Monitoring, Editing and Management will be carried out in this room.

Security of data and information will be of highest priority to protect the interest of our client.

WE implemented the first fully digital crowdfunding platform for in Nigeria, and possibly in Sub-Sahara Africa. RAVEPAY launched with Flutterwave, has been able to democratize funding of events, causes and campaigns– attracting donations globally, in ALL currencies using cards, bank accounts and even BITCOINS!

We are also able to implement scratch card funding campaigns, merchandizing based crowdfunding etc.

Media / Project Houdini

With dominant messaging methodology, we are the go to firm for modern campaign messaging including:
  • Media Strategy, Brand Crafting & Designs (including by-lines and Logos)
  • Info Gathering – including video, media shots, opinion polling
  • Social Media Messaging & Management
  • Platform Management – messageboards, whatsapp groups
  • Online TV Launch & Curation & Short Video Craft & Curation
  • Pamphleteering, Profile Design, Book Projects & Launch
  • Bill Board & Posters Design, Placement and Installation
  • Traditional media positioning – Print, TV & radio; including editorial room presence
  • Bulk messaging and targeting leveraging proprietary INEC replica database
  • Media Event Management – Interviews, Chats, Townhall, Declaration/Rally
From digital online polls, to street polling we have retained some of the best consultants in the business to deliver to you useful information on not just the position of the electorates but what they want and want to hear. We have polled for all major political parties before, and currently work for various agencies and private sector players.

We poll, for your poll!
This is where statistics of progression of the campaign can be viewed on REALTIME DASHBOARDS AND SCREENS in the Situation room, to determine if the Product/Candidate is winning or losing. We help energize your campaign by building realistic 24/7 situation rooms capable of delivering real time value to your team.

At the situation room, we bring transparency to your field operations!
Geographic information system (GIS) is an important part of the DRL system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data. 

We also included an Attribute data with additional information about each of the spatial features like Local Govt, States etc.
WE provide special functionalities where messages can be filtered and sent to a particular region, local govt & individuals. It includes coverage of traditional, non-asymmetric and digital media. Technology is an advantage for our team