Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s important to be ahead of current trends and developments. Falling behind in such a fast-moving industry could put your reputation at risk and even have an impact on your business’ bottom line. From customer behaviour and interests, to decreasing marketing budgets and new technologies, there’s a lot to juggle. We ensure that we lead a successful campaign be following the following stages.

Our Process

RESEARCH through systematic investigation

Before launching, it’s important to conduct research into our client's target market, as this will help us in establishing a comprehensive – and relevant – plan of attack.

When researching, the aim is to really understand who our clients are targeting. Discover their pain points and think about how your product or service alleviates them.

Personas and customer journey maps are excellent resources that paint a clear picture of client's typical customer or client and can be referred to at any point during their campaign.

A well-planned, high-level STRATEGY

Once we’ve discovered exactly who the clients are targeting (and how we’ll speak their 'language'), it’s time to create a framework around how best to launch our messages.

This is where we’ll set your KPIs, define their objectives and timelines and compare them against their budget.

To ensure that the goals are specific and measureable, we define the channels that will be utilised and make sure the clients keep track of results as we progress.

EXECUTION: Our next course of action!

Now that we’ve established a campaign strategy, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Based on our timeline, we have a clear idea of what activities need to be actioned and when. Some of these might include: Social media marketing, Web designing/Branding, Email marketing and Cold calling.

We then allocate these tasks to the appropriate staff members and accountable for each of their responsibilities. Gather all of the assets you need before your launch and store them in a shared drive where all team members can access them

POST-LAUNCH: Our last-lap...

We don’t give ourself a pat on the back. -- Well, at least not yet;
Just because our project is live doesn’t mean it’s over. In fact, one of the most overlooked (and critical) parts of a project is what happens after it goes live.

After the project is launched, we relive the process and look for ways to improve and evaluate whether project objectives were met, determine how effectively the project was run, and to ensure that you are getting the greatest possible benefit from the project.